Quick Update

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have written a post, so here is a quick update on what has happened since my last post:

I finished my internship at The Baddour Center on June 21. I move out of my apartment in Southaven this upcoming weekend, and will be returning to the Hattiesburg/South Mississippi area. Since my internship has ended, I have been spending my time studying, studying, STUDYING profusely for the music therapy board exam. I am unsure of exactly when I will take it, but it will be very soon and I need to be prepared.  I want that MT-BC credential so bad I can taste it.

As for what happens after I take the board exam: I will be applying for jobs and grad school, advocating for music therapy and disability rights in my community, and continuing the development of this blog. My graduation date from William Carey is August 10 and I could not be more excited! Words can not describe how it feels to have made it to this point, except for maybe the word “grateful”.

This blog started as an internship journal, but I plan to keep it going as a general music therapy blog. The Music Therapy Diva will continue to be an arena to share my thoughts and opinions, issues, ideas, experiences, testimonies, helpful tips, and news relevant to all things music therapy. With this profession still in its developmental years, it is important for music therapists, interns, and students to stay connected and share ideas. I also hope it will be a place for people who have not heard about music therapy to gain a better understanding of what it is and why it is important. My goal is for every single person in the State of Mississippi and beyond to have a good grasp of music therapy. And I promise I will be updating the blog more frequently than I have in the past 🙂

Until then, feel free to connect by commenting or emailing me at katelynfarris@mail.com.


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