Hello and Welcome!

Let me begin my first blog post by introducing myself. My name is Katelyn Farris, a 22 year-old music therapy student at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS. My hometown is Runnelstown, MS (haven’t heard of it? It’s about 30 miles outside of Hattiesburg, MS).I have lived there all of my 22 years until about a week ago when I moved from the Deep South to Southaven, MS (about 10 minutes south of Memphis). Upon completing all coursework at an accredited university, the American Music Therapy Association requires that a six-month internship under the supervision of a Board Certified Music Therapist be completed. My internship is at The Baddour Center in Senatobia, MS, a residential community for adults with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. This past week was my first week, and I absolutely LOVE it so far. I look forward the next six months of my life, and I wll be sharing my experiences with you, my readers.

 One of my assignments as part of my internship is to keep a journal of some sorts on my experience as an intern, so here it is! Through this blog, I hope to connect with other interns and professionals in my field, share what I have learned as an intern and future music therapist, and hopefully give any insight I gain through experience. Internship is a HUGE part of growth in a music therapists’ journey, and this blog will document that growth. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more adventures!



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